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Health insurance provided by SRatan Financial Distributors Private Limited.

Health risks can come in without warning anytime and can seriously affect you financially. During such testing times, Health Insurance can safeguard your finances. We at SRatan Financial Distributors Private Limited can assist you in providing the right health cover.

We at SRatan Financial Distributors Private Limited can help you get that peace of mind within your budget. Our goal is to understand your needs and get you suitable coverage with top-quality Health Insurance products.

Stay financially protected

Health care costs are rising year on year and it has become a major issue to be dealt with. Many times health issues can be so expensive the family can go through severe financial hardships. In such times having health insurance can be a life saver and can also keep the family protected from financial hardships.

  • Health insurance is a must have in todays times
  • Health care expenses are rising year on year
  • Stay protected from sudden medical expenses

Some must haves

When it comes to health insurance offered by your firm you should definitely sign up for it even if it involves a small cost. The one major benefit of group health insurance is that it is way more affordable than any other type of insurance. You should also consider top-up plans for health insurance because for a nominal amount you can increase the coverage and it can be useful in case of some serious illness or accident which requires huge funds for treatment.

  • Cost-effective way to increase your health insurance cover
  • Helps increase the coverage for low cost
  • Top-up plan covers costs after a certain threshold is reached

Add ons you must consider

Health insurance add ons like critical illness, personal accident plans can be confusing for an average health insurance buyer hence it is important to talk to qualified health insurance advisors like us. Some of these plans can be really important to you based on various factors. For example, someone who has a family history of cancer and should get insured against it through specific health insurance plans.

  • Must have incase of family history with critical illness
  • Discuss your Risk Profile with Advisor
  • Adds-ons can be economical protection cover

Other health insurance options

Other health insurance options like maternity health insurance, senior citizen’s health insurance are customized solutions based on specific requirements of individuals. With time, health care costs have also increased significantly and a large percentage of the population cannot afford to bear its high cost. It is better to plan in advance and we can help ! Talk to us to know more

  • Customized plans for specific segment
  • Some of these plans are must haves
  • Plan well, save and stay financially protected