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For a investor, Mutual Funds can be a great resource in meeting their investing goals . We at SRatan Financial Distributors Private Limited can recommend you with the right Mutual Fund depending on your wealth goals, risk appetite and time horizons.

Grow your wealth

Debt mutual funds strive to minimize risk by picking the least risky types of investment instruments. Debt mutual funds invest the majority of their corpus in fixed-income or fixed-interest generating opportunities and instruments future. Equity mutual funds are the riskiest class of mutual funds, and hence, they have the potential to provide higher returns than debt

  • Debt fund are low risk products which provide stable returns
  • Equity funds have moderate to high risk with good returns
  • Debt and Equity funds are commonly used

Multiple Investment Options

Mutual funds offer one of the most comprehensive, easy and flexible ways to create a diversified portfolio of investments. There are different types of mutual funds that offer different options to suit investors diverse risk appetites.

  • Hybrid Funds- Moderate Term, High Risk
  • Liquid Funds- Short Term, Low Risk
  • Right approach may include using different funds to plan your different financial goals